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Our digital parcel lockers provide you with the ultimate convenience when it comes to getting things delivered, exchanged and sent! Simply sign up below to get notified with your collection details as soon as your parcel is delivered.

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You will need to register to receive your free parcel notifications. As soon as a parcel is delivered you will be sent a SMS and email. Collect when you want, hassle free, 24/7. For the best experience download the Allegro Concierge App.

How do I access the Parcel Lockers and collect my parcel?

The Resident Services Team here at Allegro Exchange Square understand how important it is that our residents receive all their deliveries and parcels. Due to the large volume of delivery's we receive on a daily basis, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to accept all delivery's and some may be refused. 

  • When you move into Allegro Exchange Square simply register your details and you will be added to the Parcel Locker system. 
  • When we have a delivery for you, we will store it in a secure locker for you in block 3 by the Wellness centre.
  • You will be notified instantly via Push Notification with the locker number and a unique one time access code to retrieve your parcel from our digital parcel lockers at your convenience.
  • Once you have collected your parcel please leave the locker door open ready for the next parcel.
  • All small parcels and letters will be stored in your letterbox.

Please note:
  • We do not accept large parcels at reception. 
  • Parcels which are not collected will be returned within 7 days unless advised.
  • Any large, heavy and valuable items will automatically be refused if the Courier delivery driver cannot contact you directly to collect these deliverys. 
  • We strongly advise that all residents are available to accept any URGENT deliverys personally to ensure that these are received. 
  • We do not take any food delivery's, please ensure you are at home ready for collection and advise the delivery driver to your correct location.
  • We do not accept any plants or flowers at the desk, please ensure you are at home on delivery day to accept special delivery's 

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
Kind regards,
The Resident Services Team. 

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